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Specialist Seating

Welcome to our range of Specialist Seating.

Specialist Seating

Comfort, correct positioning and posture is at the heart of the Specialist Seating range.

The ability of a seated person to function efficiently and perform activities depends on their ability to adopt the appropriate posture. All activity is posture dependent. If a person cannot move or has problems adjusting their posture, it may be necessary to use seating to try to provide externally what is limited internally.

Whether looking for made to measure chairs, ultimate comfort to alleviate muscle and joint problems or multi-adjustable, dynamic seating for those requiring more support and adjustability, the extensive Specialist Seating range will be able to accommodate most needs.

For the older or more frail individual, the semi and non-ambulant to those with severe physical disabilities and neurological conditions, or physically able people who want a healthy sitting posture, Kirton chairs are able to provide postural correctness, tailored to each individual requirement.

Dynamic Chairs

For those who have limited ability to make small changes in movement, it is important to consider dynamic seating. Dynamic seating has a range of adjustments to tailor the chair to the user’s physical requirements to prevent the user becoming fixed in the same shape as the chair they are using. Combining the appropriate functionality and features enables posture and body weight to be adjusted throughout the day to prevent pressure build up in isolated areas.

Static Chairs

Sophisticated designs disguise the features that make this range of chairs ideal for the ambulant older person and disabled user. The ability to tailor the chairs to each individual user makes them suitable for many caring environments.


To complement our range of Specialist Seating, we also offer a range of accessories.

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