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Florien Elite

With both tilt-in-space and back angle recline functionality the Florien Elite also has a choice of two backrests, Waterfall or Contoured to meet the needs of different care settings

The unique dynamic upholstered arms float across the seat to achieve the appropriate seat width for each user. Moreover these arms have the ability to swivel backwards to effect a side transfer or easier hoist access.

With a host of options and accessories to choose, the Florien Elite is a most versatile seating solution.

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Intelli-Gel®  Reflexion

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General Use

  • Specialist care and rehabilitation units
  • Acute hospitals
  • General treatment and porter chair
  • Care homes and hospices
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Domestic home environments
  • For those at risk of pressure injuries
  • For semi and non ambulant users; progressive conditions.

Weight Limit

  • 160kg/25 stone

Features & Benefits

Key Adjustments

  • Manual gas-spring assisted tilt-in-space
  • Manual gas-spring assisted back angle recline with positional locking
  • Mechlock elevating legrest (standard) or the option of an articulating legrest
  • Non-removable, “swivel-back” armrests
  • Multi-positioning integral headrest
  • Adjustable seat width
  • Adjustable seat length
  • Adjustable seat height (3 height options – set at time of manufacture)
  • Forward tilt available on lowest and middle seat height setting only
  • Height adjustable plantar-flexion flip up footrest (optional accessory)
  • Modular replacement of components

Additional Features

  • Reflexion™ foam upholstered in multi-stretch, breathable Dartex on all user contact surfaces
  • Ergonomic Push Handle
  • 100mm/4″ castors, 2x rear braked and 2x front swivel as UK standard
  • No Velcro used

Backrest Options

Backrests are interchangeable by removal of the push handle

  • The Contoured Back is a sculpted backrest with built-in lateral and lumbar supports produced from supportive Reflexion™ foam providing comfort for the user. Designed for easy cleaning and areas of infection control.
  • The Waterfall Back offers soft, immersive fibre-filled back support and cushioning to accommodate a variety of postures.

Pressure Relieving Seat Options (integral)

Flat or ramped removable seat modules:

  • Dyna-Tek™ Intelligent Air (Very high risk up to Grade IV Pressure Injury)
  • Intelli-Gel® Integral (High risk up to Grade II Pressure Injury)
  • Dyna-Flex® Cushion (Medium to High risk)

Visit ‘Pressure Care Explained’ for more information >

Legrest and Footrest Options

Both the elevating and articulating legrest options can achieve a negative angle on retraction to help the user stand from the chair or indeed accommodate contractures. The legrest cushioning is contoured to aid leg positioning.

  • Elevating Legrest (as standard)
  • Articulating Legrest (option)
  • Height adjustable articulating, flip-up footrest (Plantarflexion achievable)


  • Lateral Supports
  • Arcing / articulating legrest
  • Height adjustable, “Flip up” Footrest (90° foot positioning) or height adjustable articulating Footrest (Plantar flexion achievable)
  • Cushioned or Universal Headrest
  • Lap-Belt with D-Ring Straps
  • Pelvic Positioners with D-Ring Straps
  • Universal Tray

Technical Data and Advice

Standard Specification

Seat Width: 400mm (16″) to 500mm (19.5″) in increments of 12mm (0.5″)

Seat Height: 550mm (22″), 575mm (22.5″) and 600mm (23.5″)

Seat Length: 430mm (17″) to 530mm (21″)

Tilt-in-space: 40 degree tilt range (30 degree backward tilt; 10 degree forward tilt)

  • Trendelenburg achievable when set at 610mm (24″) seat height with the articulated legrest fitted

Back angle recline: 30 degree recline, 3 degree forward positioning

Elevating Legrest: 10 degree retraction, 70 degree elevating

Articulated Legrest: 10 degree retratction, 75 degree elevating

Back Height: 800mm (31.5″)

Arm Height (from seat): 220mm (8.5″)

Overall Length: 930mm (36.5″)

Overall Width: 668mm (26″)

Overall Height: 1300mm (51″)

User Weight Limit: 160kg (353lbs) 25 stone

Weight of chair: 56kg (124lbs) 9 stone

Fabric Options

We offer a large range of upholstery options and colours for our chairs, to suit every requirement and taste. Please see below for our range.

Please note, colours shown are for illustrative purposes only. Due to differences in monitors, colours of products may appear different to those shown on the site.

Please contact our Customer Services Department on Freephone 0800 212 709 to arrange for swatches to be sent to you to ensure you are happy with your choice of upholstery.

Additionally, some vinyls and fabrics may be unsuitable for your product or environment. Our helpful Customer Services Team will be happy to assist you with your choice of upholstery.

Vinyl: Venture

Price Band CH

Vinyl: Cadet Trek

Price Band CH

Vinyl: Wild Heather

Price Band CH

Vinyl: Etch

Price Band CH

Vinyl: Berkshire

Price Band CH

Vinyl: Enduratex Prairie

Price Band A

Cleaning and Care Guide

Vinyl: Brookland

Price Band A

Cleaning and Care Guide

Panvelle Stretch: Spirit

Price Band A

Panvelle Stretch: Monaco

Price Band A


To ensure the pressure relieving properties of your chair are working to their full potential we highly recommend the use of Dartex on all user contact surfaces. Dartex is a strong, multi stretch, vapour permeable fabric which is simple to wipe clean and truly complements the pressure relief incorporated into our chairs. This waterproof material is available in three different colours.

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