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520 Series – Rotomolded furniture

Discerning and durable, the 520 Series provides seating for demanding environments where traditional furniture would be destroyed.

Frameless and springless, the elimination of sharp corners and edges reduces the risk of injuries whilst the significant weight of the individual pieces prevents misuse.

The unique roto-molding process produces a thick, seamless, heavy-duty vinyl covering that is up to 10 times thicker and tougher than ordinary vinyl making the 520 Series tough, waterproof, easy to clean and highly fire retardant.

Designed with a rigid moulded base that is sealed to prevent liquid penetration and without areas where contraband or sharp objects could be hidden for total security.

Available as a single unit option or can be ganged together

(Delivery and Installation charges may be applicable – please contact our Customer Services Department on Freephone 0800 212 709 or +44 (0)1440 705352 for further information.)

Price on Application


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MF520 Tub Chair:
62.5cm W 65cm D 74cm Overall Height 40cm SH
Weight: 54.5kg

MF520 Armless Chair:
75cm W, 75cm D, 75cm Overall Height, 40cm SH.
Weight: 54.5kg

MF520 Corner Chair:
75cm W, 75cm D, 75cm Overall Height, 40cm SH.
Weight: 57kg

MF520 Coffee Table:
135cm W, 75cm D, 40cm Overall Height, 40cm SH.
Weight: 66kg

Ganging Kit:
Includes strap and hardware to gang 2 chairs

Also Available:
MF520 Chair with Arms:
75cm W, 75cm D, 75cm Overall Height, 40cm SH.
Weight: 57kg

MF520 2 Seater Settee:
137cm W, 75cm D, 75cm Overall Height, 40cm SH.
Weight: 84kg

Price on application subject to final product specification

VAT, delivery and installation charges applicable

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Moduform 520 Series Rotomoulded Furniture

Moduform 520 Series Tub Chairs

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