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Ellie Burcher is an independent Occupational Therapist and Owner of EJB Therapy. She is a real authority on seating, with years of experience assessing clients of all ages and abilities. Ellie gives us her expert opinion on the Florien II, Kirton’s most cost effective tilt-in-space chair to date….

“The Florien II is a great product with an excellent range of features to help achieve a good position for functional seating. The dimensions available are sufficient to accommodate most users and with its smooth lines the chair would look good in a domestic or care setting. Because only basic measurements are required, the Florien II is easy for clinicians to prescribe and setup, which is always a bonus!”

Ellie carried out the following clinical review of the Florien II chair.

Product features

  • Good range of features provided a good position for functional seating
  • Manual chair functions
  • Fixed, static backrest with integrated shoulder girdle support
  • Frame is very robust so good in a mulit-user environment
  • Smooth tilt in space action
  • Removable arm rests are a key feature.
  • Negative angle leg rest good for clients independently transferring or using stand aid as enables propulsion position for feet. Can be useful for clients with knee contractures but these clients may have high needs in other aspects.
  • Lockable castors at rear are good for safety
  • Good dimensions available –  would accommodate most users

Accessories available

  • Backrest design means headrest isn’t always needed but additional supports available if needed
  • Laterals and headrests available
  • Good feature to have flat seat base to enable pressure cushion drop in

Achievable positions for client comfort

  • Armrests are high providing good side support and pelvic position
  • Armrests move in line with tilt providing arm support in tilted position
  • Action is smooth on frame

Fabric choices in terms of durability, infection control and cleaning

  • Fabric choice is good for both domestic and care settings
  • VP on contact surfaces supports preventative pressure care
  • No seams to create pressure points or rubbing, also makes cleaning easier

Design and aesthetics

  • Smooth lines and design – would look good in a domestic or care setting
  • Armrests are rounded and look traditional
  • VP on surfaces makes the lines sleek and comfortable

Ease of use for both clients and carers

  • Leg rest lever is hard to access for carers
  • Castors are easy to move into position for manoeuvring within small environments
  • Handle at rear is easy to grasp

Ease of prescription and set up for clinicians

  • Basic measurements only required


  • Seat depth is set at time of order
  • Seat width adjusted by using alternative width arms – excellent in multi-user environment and no tools required

Transfer ability using different methods (standing, stand aid, hoist)

  • Suitable for clients who are hoisted, use a stand aid or who complete side transfer through the removable armrest
  • Can be used for clients who transfer independently but has no riser action to assist.
  • Flip up footplate reduces misplacement but is in a fixed position

Ellie’s Top 3 Features:

Florien removable armrests
Removable armrests
Great for clients who are hoisted, use a stand aid or complete side transfers.
Florien with seat width adjustment
Seat width adjustment
Excellent in multi-user environments and no tools required.
Florien Negative Legrest
Negative angle legrest
For clients independently transferring or using stand aid as enables propulsion position for feet.

Ellie Burcher
EJB Therapy

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