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Nursing & Residential Homes

The provision of appropriate seating in Nursing and Residential Homes is vital to ensure the happiness and wellbeing of residents. A good sitting position will enable residents to function more effectively to make eating, drinking, socialising and communicating easier and more comfortable. A supportive and functional chair can mean the difference between being confined to a bed or living an active, communal life within the Home.

Pressure care will be an important consideration when dealing with anyone sitting for long periods. All of our chairs have the ability to incorporate very high pressure relief in the form of Intelli-Gel Integral which is suitable for those at high risk of pressure ulcers or with an existing pressure ulcer up to Grade 2 (EPUAP).

Our friendly seating advisors are always on hand to carry out demonstrations and joint assessments of our chairs with carers and/or your healthcare professional, however here is a selection of chairs you may wish to consider for this setting:

Dynamic Chairs

For those who have limited ability to make small changes in movement, it is important to consider dynamic seating. Dynamic seating has a range of adjustments to tailor the chair to the user’s physical requirements to prevent the user becoming fixed in the same shape as the chair they are using. Combining the appropriate functionality and features enables posture and body weight to be adjusted throughout the day to prevent pressure build up in isolated areas.


Chairs for Neurological Conditions

This range of chairs have been specially designed to aid those with neurological conditions. The robust Omega is suitable for those with Huntingdon’s Disease and other conditions where strength and safety is key.

Static Chairs

Sophisticated designs disguise the features that make this range of chairs ideal for the ambulant older person and disabled user. The ability to tailor the chairs to each individual user makes them suitable for many caring environments.

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