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Moduform Furniture Stands the Test of Time

The Good Shepherd Centre in Bishopton, Scotland is a great example of a demanding environment where Moduform furniture from Kirton Healthcare is proving its worth.

The Good Shepherd Centre is a 24-bed secure unit for young people aged between 12 and 17 years, and since 2006, it has purchased several products from Kirton including the Moduform 820 Modupolitan Suite, the Moduform 810 coffee tables, Moduform 5000 dining tables and chairs, and a number of Softform cubes and seclusion mattresses for the unit’s residents. The furniture is regularly used by staff, young people and visitors within the meeting and living areas showing its incredible durability.

Suites such as the Moduform 820 from Kirton are designed to withstand demanding environments whilst still retaining style. The contoured design of the suites disguises the robust, performance tested construction to create a refined range of lounge seating which can be complimented by a selection of coffee tables to create a warm, welcoming and comfortable environment. For additional safety and security, the cushions are bolted to the framework, however, it is it possible for them to be reversed for double the wear, and the durable metal-to-metal construction with discreet, non-exposed bolts enable easy replacements of components.

Robin McCulloch is the Operations Manager at the Secure Unit and in charge of procuring most of the equipment at the centre. He is directly responsible for 18 members of staff from all departments from maintenance to control and also manages all the systems there. “Members of staff who had previously worked within older secure environments recommended the Moduform equipment from Kirton Healthcare for The Good Shepherd,” explained Robin. “This was largely due to its exceptionally tough quality and ability to weather even the most challenging environment.

“From our point of view, the Moduform systems came with a brilliant reputation for being durable, comfortable and easy to maintain, which is vital in this type of centre. From what I have seen and experienced, the equipment is doing its job wonderfully and proving its worth.”

The Moduform 5000 range of dining tables and chairs from Kirton have been designed to be hard-wearing and for long term performance. All the chairs are constructed from one piece without steel or wood components, ideal for demanding, active environments. The stacking chairs which The Good Shepherd opted for, can either be ganged or stacked at least 20 high and the interlocking reinforcing rib cells on the underside of the seat, the back and the legs provide maximum strength.

After over six years of daily use, the equipment at The Good Shepherd was re-upholstered and is still going strong after a total of seven years in use. “Kirton as a company was great to deal with, extremely professional and very supportive whenever we needed help,” Robin added. “It is brilliant that a company like Kirton can offer a solution that is able to withstand the demands of our residents and staff, while still being aesthetically pleasing.”

Kirton Sales Director said: “We are delighted that the Moduform furniture is working well for The Good Shepherd Centre. The furniture they have purchased is the toughest furniture available and meets the most stringent demands, making it perfect for challenging environments.”

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