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Developed in conjunction with Senior Occupational Therapists in Scotland, the Kirton Fife Staged Seating Programme is an innovative, financially conscious way of simplifying the seating prescription process.

It is the ideal solution for multi user facilities that regularly provide seating to a wide range of individuals whether in the community or care facilities. Implementation of the Programme can provide numerous strategic, financial and social benefits.

• Reduced costs
• Improved stock management
• Reusable, recyclable seating
• Immediate access to readily available products

The Programme consists of three stages of seating, each designed to cater for a different level of user requirement. The chairs cover a wide spectrum of seating needs, from minimal intervention through to the most complex of postural conditions, the Programme offers the option of progressing through the stages as need dictates. All chairs are extremely adjustable and can therefore be tailored to suit a wide range of individuals, thus eliminating a constant demand for new equipment and facilitating a simple stock management process. A wide range of optional accessories are available for each chair, providing further opportunities for individual tailoring.

As a result, multi-user equipment providers can now meet the needs of their service users in a cost effective and time efficient manner. They can also do this safe in the knowledge that each chair is of the highest quality, with designs underpinned by an expert knowledge of postural support and pressure relief.

One success story of Kirton’s relationship with a Community Equipment Service is that of Doncaster Community Equipment Service. Working with the service, we’ve been able to help them save time and money yet still provide specialist seating, tailored to the needs of the individual. Click here to read more.


To learn more about the Kirton Fife Staged Seating Programme and discover how it can simplify your seating provision, making it more flexible and cost effective, contact us on Freephone 0800 212709. We will be happy to further explain how the Programme can enhance your service, or visit you and your team for a demonstration.

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